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What is the difference between yoga therapy and other types of yoga classes?

Yoga therapy is taught by a yoga teacher that has been through an extensive training program which includes a deeper study of anatomy and physiology, lessons targeted toward specific illnesses or health conditions, and knowledge of how to tailor a yoga program for an individual's specific needs.

Although classic yoga therapy is mostly taught privately in one-on-one sessions, all of Ocean City Yoga instructors weave elements of therapeutic yoga into their group classes as well so that sessions are both safe and effective for all levels.

Kristin has completed 3 years of study in YogaRx at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She has worked with many individual students with a wide variety of physical and/or mental injuries and conditions with, sometimes astounding, effective results.  She plans to continue to complete a masters degree in yoga therapy and further certifications related to the medical field in the next few years to expand on her knowledge that she has received from her medical professors and yoga professionals.

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