Common Questions

Do I need to bring a mat?

Not unless you prefer to bring one.  We have enough for 15 students and give first priority to those who sign up online or by contacting us prior to class.


What should I bring with me to practice?

  • sunglasses

  • sunscreen

  • a large towel

  • some water

What happens if it rains or we have bad weather that day?

Only 8am classes will be redirected to the glass atrium overlooking the beach in the back of the Princess Royale Hotel.  Go to the this page for directions.  If you register online or by email/text in advance, the instructor will have your contact info so that you can get a notification of any changes at least an hour prior to your scheduled session.  

Are these classes ok for beginners and inflexible people? :)

We have instructors that have broad backgrounds of yoga training and experience working with all levels. The Therapeutic, Gentle, Yin, classes are perfect for anyone.  The Vinyasa classes are a little faster flow and more challenging to encourage more strength and balance.  Some yoga experience is recommended, but if you are in good physical condition, with no injury, you will be fine.  Paddle Board Yoga classes are perfectly fine for Beginners to yoga or paddle boarding, but, although the boards are padded and perfectly fine for most, if you have painful knees it may not be enough padding to be comfortable.  

Every year we teach beginners, many who end up continuing to explore classes at home with us online or at a private, local studio because they love the experience so much!

Is parking pretty easy?

One of the greatest things about getting up early for yoga on the beach is the lack of traffic!  It is typically an easy drive in the morning.  In the evening you should allow some extra time because it starts to clog up a bit more after 4pm.

For any scheduled session you should aim to get to your session about 10 min early to check in.  It is smart to also allow about 5 extra min for parking.  Although 92nd St is often full, 49th St typically is wide open that time of the morning!  For classes on 92nd St it is easiest to park across on the bayside, Arctic Ave , and walk across.  For Princess Bayside Hotel rooftop classes you can use their garage.