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Beach Classes/ Paddle Board Yoga

"Wonderful, inspiring yoga class on the beach yesterday! Kristin's calm, assuring manner match up perfectly with the beauty of the ocean and sky as the "far wall" and "ceiling" of the yoga session! Highly recommended!"

-Dina (Beach yoga)

"Did the 7am sunrise yoga with Sandy this morning! It was incredible and really started my day off with peace! I'm on vacay from NJ and it really doesn't get any better than yoga on the beach! I highly recommend it!"

-Tina (Beach yoga)

"I did a morning yoga class on the beach and it was an awesome experience. What a great way to start the day. Kristen is a great instructor who is very knowledgeable and caring. So with that neing said I had to take the evening yoga on a paddle board class. It was one of the highlights of my vacation. I look forward to taking Kristen classes whenever I am in OCMD. Thank u Kristen..."

-Michael (Beach yoga/ Paddle Board yoga)


"Super relaxing, well taught class. Great for beginners and advanced yogis to get together in a fun and peaceful atmosphere on the bay. Definitely recommend!"

-Lia (Beach yoga)

"Kristin is a gifted yoga instructor who makes students of all levels feel welcome. I only planned to attend one class on my vacation, as I am new to yoga, but I found myself going to classes every day on my vacation because it made me feel so relaxed. I can't wait until my vacation next year when I can join her class again!"

-Laura Marie (Beach yoga)



"Kristin, thanks again for allowing me to join the class last Sunday.  It was amazing!  I have not felt that great since I started going to a chiropractor.  My back, my neck, and my hips felt aligned and natural.  I know that we had previously discussed me taking this class every other week.  However, I had misjudged the outcome that this class would provide.  I am still feeling it!! and I'd like to sign up to take this class every week..." 

-Shannon (Yin Yoga)

"After being told by my doctor that I would  most definitely need spinal surgery I began searching for any alternative possible to heal my back in another way.  I could not walk without pain and it was impossible for me to work as a machinist which was the only life that I had known.  I tried all kinds of medications and therapies, including chiropractic, physical therapy, anti-gravity machines, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, and others.  Nothing was improving my condition.  I contacted Kristin and skeptically tried her yoga therapy private sessions, 3x/week for several months.  I could not believe the results!  Kristin had helped me to finally be able to sleep without pain and begin to stand for longer periods, enabling me to work again. The longer I worked with her, the less pain I experienced and more mobile I became.  After one year of working together my doctor reported that I no longer needed back surgery and that I should keep doing whatever it was that I had been practicing to manage my back pain.  Kristin ended up working with me for 3 years of devoted practice.  The results are no short of amazing! I not only have full mobility back, but I am successfully pain-free or managing any that I feel and I am more flexible and fit than I have been in decades.  I am now a devoted student of yoga.  It has completely transformed my life and I will forever be grateful for Kristin's guidance and expertise."

-Mike (Private Yoga Therapy, Viniyoga technique and Yin)"

"Kristin, you are a wonderful teacher, with great words, cadence and energy.  There have been 3-4 people who have inspired me over the past two years and you are one of them. Hearing your voice and words calm me, settling my mind, and remind me of where I have been and where I am confidently going."

-Joe (Flow Basics, Yin)


"Before taking the yoga class, for more than 3.5 years I had a problem with my left leg.  I had been to the doctor, and it was considered a nerve problem.  He prescribed a few exercises for my back and leg.  I felt a small amount of relief, but not much.  Sometimes the pain was so severe that I couldn't put any weight on my leg at all.  Often I had a throbbing pain at night.  I developed a slight limp. 

After only 3 weeks of yoga with Kristin, I began to feel significant relief from the symptoms. By six weeks I became completely pain free!  The stretching and strengthening moves had been amazing for me.  I only took the class to "try yoga."  This is a result that I had never expected!!

-Janet (Flow Basics)

"Kristin, your yoga classes really helped me with my wrists.  I broke both of them in a bad fall.  They actually stopped hurting and felt normal again after your practices.  I really didn't expect that much.  I was hoping for some improvement but what I got was phenomenal!  I also had a real improvement in my back and neck.  Thank you!!"

-Jayne (Flow Basics, Therapeutic Flow)

"When I joined Kristin's class, I must confess that I hated any kind of exercise. But my first class was so inspiring that I was completely hooked!  Kristin doesn't just show you the movements, but makes sure that you are doing them properly.  I have never felt  better and will continue because of her skill and dedication.  Anyone would be foolish not to try Kristin's class at least once."

-Linda (Power Yoga, Yin)"T

"Thank you for introducing me to a practice that is truly opening my eyes, mind, and soul to the colors in my life I have been overlooking.  Yoga is enabling me to find balance and experience life instead of operating in survival mode.  Thriving is definitely more joyful."

-Karen (Flow Basics)

"After 10 years of basically walking for exercise, I decided to try yoga and discovered Kristin.  She's more than a teacher- She's a coach of life.  Her gentle sessions, words of encouragement, and stress management have really improved my quality of living.  Her classes are for every age, including a senior like me.  She has inspired me to exercise and have a more positive outlook on life and for that I am grateful."

-Pat (Flow Basics, Private Student, Yin)

In Studio Classes/ Private Therapy
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