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Class Descriptions

Gentle Beach Flow - For Beginners to any level of experience, taught by 500RYT instructors. Enjoy breath practice & meditation, basic Sun Salutations, Warrior sequences, and quiet, therapeutic stretching.  Full, progressive relaxation exercise at end, centering mind and body on the feeling of peace , the beauty of the beach, and reconnecting with our authentic, inner SELF.

Vinyasa and Power Yoga - Designed as a mindful strengthening and energizing practice centered around the breath.  500 RYT or Therapeutic Instructors.  More challenging postures for strength and balance, advanced breath practice, and deep stretching and relaxation at end.  Try in the sand for added challenge.  Leave feeling refreshed and energized, stronger, and grounded in body and mind.  Intermediate level or some experience is helpful, although beginners to yoga are fine if no injury. 

Yin Yoga - Based on Chinese medicine focusing on energy production by stimulating pressure points while holding basic stretches for a longer time.  Incredible flexibility and tonality is created from this technique of bypassing the muscle layer typically touched in a traditional yoga practice, and manipulating the deepest fascia layer in the body.

Supported by modern science, yin has one of the most noticeable effects on the body and profound differences in being able to direct the mind.  A more quiet, slow practice involving meditation and advanced relaxation techniques. Great for those suffering with stubborn tightness, aching bones, tiredness, or athletes looking to greatly enhance their flexibility and recovery periods to build more strength and effectiveness in sport.

Evening Flow - For Beginners to any level of experience, taught by 500 RYT instructors- calming and centering breath practice, moon salutations to create calm flow, quiet stretching for release of tension, , meditation, and full, progressive relaxation exercise at end, refreshing body and mind, feeling the peace and beauty of dusk on the beach at end of day,  inspiring a restful sleep.

Paddle Board Yoga (SUP) - Paddle Boards made wider and with more cushioning designed for yoga on the water.  A short paddle out in the shallow bay behind the Princess Bayside Hotel on 48th St, we anchor the boards in one of the nicest, cleanest coves in Ocean City.  The hour and 15 min session includes a short paddling lesson and an hour long basic yoga practice on the board.  No experience necessary paddling or w/ yoga!  Postures suitable for a solid practice where you can focus more on being in the moment rather than falling off of the board!  Adding a board on water creates strengthening and stretching in different points in the body and mind than a general practice on land.  A basic sequence, yet a full body workout!  This one is a favorite!

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